Albatross Capital and Quantico Unite to Create Quest Capital, a Pan-European Real Estate Investment and Asset Management Company

The joint venture formed by the Spanish firm Albatross Capital and the Portuguese enterprise Quantico SA launches QUEST CAPITAL, a company that incorporates the operations developed jointly by both companies, integrating their projects, experience, teams and capabilities.

QUEST CAPITAL is born with over €1 billion in Assets under Management, 600,000 sqm of real estate assets and over 6,000 residential and commercial units in its portfolio.

The company operates through five investment platforms:

– Residential Development
– Private Rented Sector
– Commercial Real Estate
– Hospitality Investments
– Agricultural Investments

The company announces as well, its partnership with IKORY, a residential player headquartered in Paris, further solidifying its pan-European focus.
Combined, the JV has more than 65 professionals, €1.5 billion in AuM, investments in Portugal, Spain and France and thus, the demonstrated ability to provide solutions to their investors in three of the main European markets.

Among its projects, QUEST has 15 residential developments including Antas Atrium, which with over 1,000 apartments is one of the largest developments in the Portuguese market and a portfolio of residential rental assets with over 3,000 apartments.

In addition to its residential activity, QUEST has a presence in the hospitality sector, the office and commercial real estate markets and the agricultural sector.

According to Cristóbal de Castro and Carlos Vasconcellos (Founding Partners), “It was time to launch a new brand that brings together the development of all our real estate operations and expands not only its geographical scope but also its investments through hotels, offices and a new asset class – agriculture. These initiatives express our ambition for geographical and business growth and our total alignment with the best practices of sustainability and respect for the environment”.

QUEST CAPITAL will continue to invest through its discretionary funds and to co-invest as an operating partner with the world’s leading investment groups, consolidating its commitment to a balance between growth, diversification, profitability and sustainability.